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Mandy Ling

Director, Development + Donor Relations

Mandy is a bold champion and voice for the Chinese community supporting the BC Women’s Health Foundation’s mission and goals. Bolstered by her cultural knowledge and experience in the non-profit sector, she is driven to build equal healthcare access for all. Mandy is motivated to elevate the Foundation to be the organization of choice for the Chinese community in BC and beyond. She strongly believes advocacy to be the pivotal value in creating equity for all; the BC Women’s Health Foundation needs a strong voice, philanthropic leaders, and transformational investment to continue to ensure women have equitable access to quality healthcare. Inspired by her mother, Mandy is passionate about her role with the Foundation, working to ensure every woman has access to proper healthcare and the education around it.

Insight for Impact

“Even though we are in the 20th century, I am shocked that the system for access to equitable healthcare for women is not kept as up to date as it should be. The lack of research focused on women has hindered the development of providing quality healthcare for so many years, and this needs to be greatly improved.”

Contact details

Currently away on maternity leave