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How long does it take from order to installation of my baby tile?

Depending on when the order is placed in our tile creation process, it takes 3-6 months for the process to be completed. Each tile is handcrafted and painted by hand by a local artist, which takes time to produce these special plaques.

Will I be updated on the progress of the tile?

A volunteer with the Auxiliary will be in contact with you to confirm your tile details, including your order number. From there, we will provide you with periodic updates, usually when the order is finished production, received in the office, and when it is fully installed in the hospital.

Where will my tile be installed in BC Women’s Hospital?

Main Hospital baby tiles will be installed on an available tile wall, most likely on the second floor in the area of the maternity wards. NICU baby tiles will be installed on a dedicated NICU baby tile wall near the BC Women’s NICU. Once the installation is complete, an Auxiliary volunteer will contact you to notify you of its final location.