Giving is a personal act and a personal statement. Giving is how you tell the world what is most important to you. We are honoured to be part of your legacy.

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Your Impact

Philanthropy is a reflection of your values and of your legacy. Its importance grows as you age, build and establish your life, and contemplate your future.

By naming BC Women’s Health Foundation in your will, you are supporting the capital projects, programs, equipment and research of BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre. You are advocating for women’s and newborn health issues. When a woman flourishes, so too will a family, a community and entire societies.

Types of Investments

By leaving a legacy gift in your will, you declare that you believe in a future where every woman is seen and heard by the healthcare system. Your generous, tax-wise investments may include a bequest, a gift of designated retirement funds, or part of a structured estate plan.

Take the First Step

You can find simple Will language below (downloadable PDF) and other resources that will ensure your donation is used as you intend. You can make an unrestricted gift that offers us the flexibility to use your funding where you may leave the most lasting legacy.

Get in Touch

Be sure to get in touch if you have included a gift in your will. It will give us the opportunity to thank you for your legacy, and discuss what you hope your gift will help us accomplish. We always respect your privacy and confidentiality.

Get in touch with Lisa Shearer, Director, Legacy + Annual Giving, by email or by calling 604-375-1224.

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