Lifesaving Care at BC Women’s NICU

Families like the Campbells receive lifesaving care at
BC Women’s NICU

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“I’m so grateful to the phenomenal doctors and nurses in the BC Women’s NICU, and to all those who cared for me, who were also wonderful.”  – Maria Kim, Grateful Patient

When Maria Kim was pregnant with her twins, blood flow issues in utero meant that one twin was not receiving enough nutrients and was noticeably smaller than her sister.

Maria was admitted to BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre almost 30 weeks into her pregnancy. A couple of weeks later, doctors told Maria that the placenta could no longer sustain her two babies. The twins were born by C-section on February 10, 2023.

At birth, the smaller twin weighed only 904 grams and required surgery for a duodenal atresia blockage in the intestine. However, they had to get the baby up to an appropriate surgical weight before they could operate. Both babies were admitted to the NICU for care. The BC Women’s NICU is the largest NICU in the province, caring for the most critically ill newborns with complex medical needs.

The operation was a success, and today, both twins are happy and healthy. “The entire experience was very stressful and I felt a real sense of relief when I was admitted to BC Women’s Hospital because I knew we would all get the best care possible,” explains Maria. “Being admitted took a lot of the stress and worry off of our shoulders.” Thanks to donor support and the amazing care by the teams at BCWH, families like the Campbells can thrive.

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