Community Champions for Infant Heart Health

The CP Has Heart Program is championing the health of women and their babies by funding crucial infant heart monitoring equipment.

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For expectant parents, the sound of their unborn baby’s heartbeat can mean the world – and when it comes time to deliver, that tiny heartbeat needs the closest possible attention and monitoring.

That’s why the generous support of Canadian Pacific (CP) through their community investment program, CP Has Heart, is so important. By funding a Continuous Infant Heart Monitoring System at BC Women’s, CP is championing the health of women and their babies every day through life-saving equipment.

For women like Margarita and her son Joshua, that equipment made all the difference. As a Type One Diabetic, Margarita carefully managed her pregnancy with the guidance of the Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic at BC Women’s before being induced at 38 weeks.

Everything about Margarita’s pregnancy was going well – until it wasn’t. With an Infant Heart Monitoring System, doctors soon realized that baby Joshua’s heartbeat was irregular. Margarita was moved to a surgical suite for an emergency caesarean section, where she was able to have a safe delivery – all made possible by immediate access to this critically important equipment.

Today, both Margarita and Joshua are doing well – and Joshua’s family delights in his every smile.

“We have a healthy boy thanks to the BC Women’s healthcare team and first-rate monitoring equipment,” said Margarita.

Donors like CP truly make a difference in the lives and long-term health outcomes of women and their babies like Margarita and Joshua. The CP Has Heart program is an outstanding champion for the heart health of Canadians from coast to coast, and we are so honoured to count CP as a partner in our work here in BC.