From Challenging Birth to Thriving Toddler

Baby Camila’s breech presentation and premature delivery were outmatched by the amazing programs and the caring teams at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre

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Devon Edgar’s pregnancy was uneventful, right up until her 34th week, when her doctor told her the baby was breech – positioned for the baby to come out bottom first, rather than the usual head first position, which would likely mean a Caesarean section birth. Although her doctor tried, Devon’s baby was still breech when Devon’s water unexpectedly broke a couple of days later.

“I had no pains or other symptoms at that point, but upon arrival at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre, things changed quickly and labour came on very fast. By the time I was ready to deliver, by a stroke of luck, my obstetrician, Dr. Bloomenthal, was on shift,” said Devon. “As we made our way to the operating room for my C-section, the doctors and nurses all assured me and everyone was very calm. As much as I was still in denial, I could tell that I was in good hands.” Shortly afterwards, little Camila was born.

“Camila and I went from the operating room, to the recovery room, to the BC Women’s Hospital NICU,” said Devon. “What surprised me was that BC Women’s is the only place you can stay with your baby in the NICU. That blew my mind. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere but with my baby at that point. That was a huge benefit.”

Camila was delivered at 4 pounds 10 ounces, but like most babies, her birthweight dropped in those first days. She had an NG tube (a feeding tube through her nose) to help her feed for the first three weeks of her life. “The goal was to put on eight ounces to get her back to her birthweight so we could be discharged,” explained Devon.

To help with her feeding, Camila was given additional breast milk from the BC Women’s Provincial Milk Bank. “I was so impressed by mothers donating their breast milk, I wished I could donate myself, but I didn’t have enough milk, so I decided I’d like to fundraise for the Milk Bank instead.” Devon is planning for that now.

Camila and Devon were discharged after three weeks in the NICU back in the summer of 2022, and Camila is now a healthy toddler. “I’m so appreciative of everything the NICU doctors and nurses did for us during our stay,” said Devon. “They are literal angels and show so much grace and compassion. They made us feel special and cared for every day we were there.”