Creating a future where Indigenous women have equitable access to high-quality healthcare.


The horrifying discoveries in June and July of the bodies of hundreds of Indigenous children in unmarked graves outside several residential schools in British Columbia and Alberta, was a wake-up call for many about Canada’s egregious treatment of its Indigenous citizens.  

At the BC Women’s Health Foundation, the disturbing news reaffirmed our commitment to actively prioritize Indigenous women’s health and to work alongside provincial stakeholders in amplifying the voices of Indigenous women.  

Part of that work was the April publication – together with our esteemed partners, Reciprocal Consulting– of the ground-breaking report: In Her Circle, a stark and revealing account of Indigenous women’s experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The timely report, which received widespread media coverage, shares stories of isolation, of barriers to healthcare access, of resilience, and of community. Importantly, the report provides twenty recommendations to ensure a future where Indigenous women have equitable access to high-quality healthcare when, where and how they need it. 

In Her Circle is part of our Unmasking Gender Inequity series and marks an important commitment by the BC Women’s Health Foundation to operationalize the recommendations within through capacity building, programming, advocacy, education, and awareness initiatives. We feel incredibly grateful to our community of donors who share in this vision and give so generously to our Indigenous Women’s Health Fund in support of this work.

We invite you to read the report, engage with the learnings, identify your role within the recommendations, and make a donation to the Indigenous Women’s Health Fund.

Join us by investing in equitable access to the highest quality healthcare for Indigenous women across our province.

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