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Women’s Experience with the Healthcare System in BC

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I knew deep down there was something seriously wrong and I’m glad I didn’t give up on finding answers.”


Being your own advocate means finding answers and being willing to talk about what you are experiencing.”


“Do not give up when someone tells you that nothing is wrong. Fight for your answers”


“Lack of information is just one of the many barriers women face in accessing the high quality healthcare they deserve.”


Listen to your gut, do your research, ask the hard questions, and push for the best care possible”


One-third of women did not feel like their needs are being met or treated effectively by the healthcare system

Over half of women said they felt that a physician had diminished or overlooked their symptoms

Three in ten women reported challenges accessing the healthcare services they needed

What you
can do


Large or small, your donation fuels change. Every dollar contributes to a future where all women are seen and heard by the healthcare system.


Support the cause by attending one of our empowering events, or start a fundraiser to create change your way.

Speak up

The more we talk about health inequities, the more it will become an issue that can’t be ignored.

In Her Words: women’s experience with the healthcare system in BC

We believe in the importance of women having a voice in their own healthcare. We asked women across the province to tell us about their experiences. Learn more about our findings in the full report and our press release.