Indigenous Women’s Health

Nothing about us, without us. The best health outcomes for Indigenous women happen through culturally-safe care.

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Creating a future where Indigenous women have equitable access to high-quality healthcare.

The BC Women’s Health Foundation and Reciprocal Consulting were honoured to partner to uplift the voices of Indigenous women across BC who shared their experiences about the state of their health and their shifting health priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic within the pages of the recently released In Her Circle report.

In Her Circle uncovers Indigenous women’s experiences during the pandemic – their stories of isolation, of access issues, of resilience, and of community. This report provides a Gift Bundle of recommendations for a future where Indigenous women have equitable access to high-quality healthcare when, where and how they need it.

We are dedicated to amplifying the learnings from In Her Circle to ensure the experiences of the generous Indigenous women involved in this work are heard, and the recommendations from Reciprocal Consulting are available for all.

Through our recently launched Indigenous Women’s Health Fund, we invite new partnerships and investments that will help to operationalize the recommendations from In Her Circle to promote tangible change for Indigenous women’s health in BC. 

With these recommendations as a focus, we will work alongside stakeholders throughout the province to develop an inclusive program through capacity building, programming, advocacy, education, and awareness initiatives. All processes related to these funds and granting will be led by Indigenous women in concert with the BC Women’s Health Foundation.

The Fund will also support the Indigenous Health Program at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre, which has been a leader in delivering best practices in culturally-safe healthcare in BC for many years.

“We have a new climate upon us to adequately serve Indigenous people, their needs, decolonize the health services, and improve health outcomes for our people.” – Jenny Morgan, Director of Indigenous Health at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre

Join us by investing in equitable access to healthcare for Indigenous women.