Our pledge to you during this time of uncertainty.


To our Foundation friends,

Like all of you, we have spent the past week trying to navigate uncharted waters. Each day has brought new information, new realities, and certainly, new challenges. Yet through it all, one word continued to emerge: community.

At the BC Women’s Health Foundation, we’ve always been honoured to share stories of generosity from our community – our committed donors, partners, and friends. 

During this time it is no different. 

We have been moved by the stories of commitment and compassion, from all healthcare workers at BC Women’s Hospital and beyond — everyone from doctors, to nurses, social support workers, administrative staff, and maintenance workers. We are sending our heartfelt gratitude to those working on the front lines.

In the coming weeks, we will work to foster a supportive, dynamic, and engaging community — albeit a ‘digital’ one. How? By working hard to provide you with content that is both informative and inspiring. We will highlight the ‘everyday healthcare heroes’ working tirelessly at BC Women’s Hospital to keep our communities safe, while also curating original content from thought leaders on topics that matter most to you. And hopefully, offering a laugh or some much-needed respite.

And that is where YOU come in. We will be creating new ways to interact and hear from each of you about what topics are of greatest interest to you. The simple truth is, there is no roadmap on how to navigate the days ahead. 

But we are determined to come together, even though we are physically apart.

Here is our pledge to you

We will always point you to credible resources and health experts.

We will create impactful, optimistic content that raises public awareness about the importance of health, for everyone.

We will work with partners — existing and new — to find and forge new ways to reach women across BC.

We will always offer clear, tangible ways to show your support.

We will foster an online community of organizations and partners who are striving to do the same

Here’s how you can get involved:


Give a shout out on your own feeds to a healthcare practitioner, or a member of your community who has helped or inspired you along the way. 

You can follow along & tag BC Women’s Hospital on: 


We want to hear from you. Send us your favourite resources and thought leaders. Together, we can keep learning from credible sources, and raise the profile of our valued health experts.


The BC Women’s Health Foundation has established two COVID-19 Response Funds to respond quickly and effectively to the emerging needs of BC Women’s staff, women and their communities during this time. Learn more.

There is power in our online community. We are stronger together, even from our homes.

Want to keep reading? Read our COVID-19 update from our President + CEO, Genesa M. Greening on March 13.

BC Women’s Health Foundation is BC’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the full spectrum of women’s health. The information shared is intended to educate, inform, and point readers to credible sources. It is not intended to substitute professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of qualified healthcare professionals with any questions specific to your medical condition. For more information, visit