High-tech 3D simulators are playing an increasingly important role in quality medical care. 

Pictured: Sonographer, Abby Perehudoff, using the ScanTrainer simulator 

Many of us are familiar with the world of 3D simulation from one end of a Wii or Xbox, where we’ve indulged in an air-guitar, rock ‘n roll fantasy or spent time perfecting a golf swing in the comfort of our living rooms. But in the healthcare sector, simulation machines are increasingly being used as innovative and essential training tools.

The exemplary leadership of one family foundation, who wishes to remain anonymous, has enabled the purchase of the cutting edge ScanTrainer Ultrasound Simulator for the Skidmore Goodman Perinatal Research Imaging Evaluation (PRIME) Research Centre at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre.

The ScanTrainer provides an advanced level of training for novice scanners, improving their accurate analysis of images and scanning efficiency. Trainees benefit from an interactive real-time virtual tutor, and can even have their progress monitored remotely – a great feature for those without direct access to PRIME. This investment in the future of sonographic excellence speaks to the BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre’s role as an academic teaching hospital and its’ mission “to enhance the capacity of institutions to expand research by providing support through research infrastructure for the development of highly qualified personnel.”

The sophisticated ScanTrainer also provides new opportunities for clinical diagnostic research, enabling researchers to create 3D simulated ultrasounds of the highest quality. Clinician scientist, Dr. Christina Nowik, knows that a busy ultrasound unit can be a difficult place to complete clinical research. “The ultrasound simulator … allows the sonographers to take the time to acquire optimal images. This way, external pressures that are unavoidable in a busy clinical environment do not serve as barriers to advancing care through thoughtful research,” she explains.

The leadership of our donors provides educational opportunities of the highest quality for the next generation of physicians, researchers and sonographers. This means that highly skilled personnel and innovation in clinical care can provide women across British Columbia with the world-class healthcare they deserve.

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