Welcome to the Changemaker’s Market, an online marketplace of woman-founded offerings in support of the BC Women’s Health Foundation — including Shaughnessy Otsuji of Studio Sashiko.


We’re going from “how’re you holding up” to “who are you holding up”. 

Welcome to the Changemaker’s Market, a digital community of movers and makers who have generously donated their goods and services to benefit the BC Women’s Health Foundation.

We asked our Changemakers a few questions, including Shaughnessy Otsuji @shaughnessy.

In 2015, Shaughnessy opened Studio Sashiko with her husband, Kyle Otsuji. Her passion is producing natural looking eyebrow tattoos for those who have suffered from hairloss as well as areola restorative tattooing for clients who have undergone a mastectomy or breast reconstruction. She specializes in creating, enhancing, and replicating hyper-realistic features for her clients.

Why did you choose to donate to the Changemaker’s Market?

Donating my creative services to women in need is the least I can do, especially during a time like this where medical care and funding can be limited. I hope that my donations will also help bring awareness to those who may not know that restorative tattooing services exist!

Why does women’s health matter to you?

Women’s health is SUCH an important topic to me. I work with women on a daily basis who have experienced autoimmune disease, cancer, reproductive issues, hair loss, etc. The effects that these issues have on women are powerful. If I can help restore a lost feature and bring confidence back to a woman who has experienced loss or trauma, that is even MORE powerful.

Do you have a personal story that inspired you to support women’s health?

I have always wanted to tattoo for a living but I knew I wanted to take it in a more meaningful direction. 

A family friend of mine underwent a double mastectomy and inspired me to take my art to the next level by tattooing realistic-looking nipples on clients who are in need. It quickly turned into a passion of mine and I am honoured to now specialize in realistic restorative tattooing full-time!

What inspires you most about giving back to your community?

The personal connections that I make with my clients and community is like none other. I have learned so much about these women and their journeys and continue to be inspired by them on a daily basis. They motivate me to be the best artist I can be and constantly strive to perfect my craft!

What’s your unique mission with your service?

Unique is definitely the right choice of words! When I tell people what I do for a living, it always turns into a deep conversation! My mission in restorative tattooing is to recreate the most realistic-looking features for my clients who may have lost a part of themselves.

What’s the first thing you’ll do post-social distancing?

I may be a workaholic but I am really looking forward to getting back into my usual work routine! Creating beautiful tattoos full-time while running a Vegan/Vegetarian definitely restaurant keeps me busy! Being isolated has taught me to find a good work-home-life balance!

Sourdough starter, yay or nay?

Hahaha! I was super late to the bread making trend but I HAVE started growing herbs and vegetables in our backyard!

One word to describe Studio Sashiko’s legacy?


Bid, buy, connect, create change. Every purchase made at the Changemakers Market is a declaration of your dedication to women’s health and equity in the healthcare system. Go you.

Whether you bid on the Changemakers Market from May 30 – June 6, or donate directly — you’re championing change for all women across BC.

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