Anna Bloomfield

There may be no one more closely connected to BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre (BCWH) than Anna Bloomfield. An employee for over four decades back to the days when it was the Salvation Army Grace Hospital, Anna has worked in a variety of leadership roles in many different departments throughout the hospital over the years. Anna gave birth to her four children at BCWH. All seven of her grandchildren were born at the hospital, and her last grandchild even spent time in the world-renowned BCWH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). So, it’s fair to say that Anna is closely aligned to BCWH, both on a personal and professional level.

Several years ago, Anna decided to become a regular donor to the hospital through an employee initiative, and since that time, Anna has continued to make donations on a monthly basis. “It’s important to me to contribute in whatever ways I can. So, I make these regular donations, I sit on a number of committees and I also volunteer at a number of fundraising events. I’m passionate about this hospital and I believe it’s so important to be involved.”

Anna encourages people to consider monthly giving because “it’s so simple to sign up and make that commitment. You don’t miss the money because it’s automatic, it’s all set up for you. It’s such an easy way to make an impactful difference. And my own family has received care here, so you could say that we have benefited from my donations. It’s like an investment in your own care.”

“No matter what your age, all our programs are wonderful and all in need of your support. BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre is a truly amazing place, and your donations will make it even more amazing. Please consider becoming a monthly donor like me.”

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