Bright Beginnings in Cedar Birthing Suites

Donor support is making a difference for moms and babies through the redevelopment and expansion of the Cedar Birthing Suites at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre. 

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As one of Canada’s busiest maternity centres, BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre offers unparallelled family-oriented care. Last year approximately 7,300 babies and their families received care at BC Women’s. And now BC Women’s has increased its capacity to serve families and provide the exceptional standard of care it’s known for by adding 10 new Cedar Birthing Suites. 

With support from BC Women’s Health Foundation and our donors, we have helped BC Women’s expand the number of Cedar Birthing Suites from 17 to 27, and outfitted the suites with state-of-the-art technology, medical equipment, and furnishings. But the real win of this project is that these improvements have enhanced family-oriented care by allowing moms, babies and families to remain together from labour through postpartum. 

Keeping mothers and babies together allows for continuity of care by a collaborative team during labour, birth, and postpartum, and contributes to successful breastfeeding, a nurturing environment to support attachment, and shorter hospital stays.

“The expansion to 27 single-room birthing suites allows more expectant mothers to benefit from Single Room Maternity Care (SRMC), a model of care designed for women with low-risk pregnancies that allows them to remain in one home-like room for their entire stay,” says Anne Margaret Leigh, Senior Director, Maternal Newborn Program. 

Every detail of the Cedar Birthing Suites was carefully considered to create a comforting environment and foster a sense of tranquility. Patients have noticed and benefited from these improvements. 

One Cedar maternity patient shared, “Even though little intervention was needed for the birth of both my babies, I had peace of mind that it was easily available. Being able to stay in the same room from start to finish made the experience so peaceful. I appreciated that my partner was able to relax in the room with me and had a nice place to rest. The room was so beautiful and made me feel safe.” 

Your contribution played a vital role in making these advancements possible and continues to improve the quality of care at BC Women’s. Thank you for supporting bright beginnings for moms and babies!