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Dr. Dena Bloomenthal


I’m passionate about my patients and their babies.

All pregnancies are special to me, and I love the privilege of caring for families. We talk a lot, we laugh together, and sometimes we cry. Some of my patients are pregnant after years of trying to conceive or many difficulties carrying a baby to term.

As a mom, I know how amazing it feels to hug your newborn for the first time, and I do my very best to give this opportunity to all of the women in my care. My reward is sharing your birthing experience and holding your newborn.

If you would like to show your appreciation, please consider making a donation to BC Women’s Health Foundation.

To provide you with the best care possible while you are in the hospital, we need specialized technology, such as portable ultrasound machines, and much-needed new equipment for Labour and Delivery.

By donating, you will be helping other women and families giving birth at BC Women’s.