BC Women’s Health Foundation Impact Report: Spring Edition 2021

Helping to ensure all women, at all life stages have access to the highest quality healthcare, when, where, and how they need it.

Our Impact Report, titled Here for Her, highlights the many ways that your investments are amplifying the voices of women, making systemic changes in policy and practice, bridging the gender gap in women’s health research, and helping to fund vital equipment and upgrades at the province’s dedicated women’s hospital.

Together with donors and partners like you, and women across our province, we are addressing the barriers to health equity.

Community partners are leading the way in championing women’s healthcare.

At Shoppers Drug Mart®, the culture of philanthropy runs deep, with a united commitment to making a difference in women’s healthcare.

The Canadian retail giant has been a long-time supporter of the BC Women’s Health Foundation but their philanthropy goes far beyond that.

With fundraising campaigns that engage thousands of people, and a store-wide commitment to focus on women’s healthcare in particular, Shoppers Drug Mart® has raised over $1.2M to make a difference in the lives of women and families across the country. 

Read the full story in the Impact Report: Spring Edition 2021.


Amplifying the voices, experiences, and healthcare needs of women across our province through our Education + Awareness initiatives help changemakers target solutions that truly make an impact.

Advocating for women’s health equity through targeted engagement with policymakers helps shape the systemic and sustainable changes in policy, practice, and investment needed.

Investing in Capital + Equipment at the BC Women’s Hospital ensures their facilities match the world-class model of care that women deserve.

Supporting Research + Innovation helps close the gap and enable women’s unique health needs to be understood, diagnosed, and treated, improving women’s health across our province and beyond.

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With allies worldwide, you are part of a movement to demand gender equality in women’s healthcare and research, and your ongoing support continues to incite change and deliver impact directly to women, newborns, and families in British Columbia and beyond.

You are helping women go from invisible to invincible.

The incredible milestones inside this report are credited in a large part to the inspirational, philanthropic spirit of donors, sponsors, partners, volunteers, advocates, staff, and supporters like you who are making a difference in the lives of women, newborns, and families throughout BC.