Providing BC Women’s Hospital’s healthcare teams with the resources they need to deliver care safely and effectively.

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The BC Women’s Health Foundation has established the COVID-19 Fund: Hospital + Staff to help keep our healthcare heroes safe and supported. The fund contributes to the following:


Remaining Investment Needed: $45,000

Ultrasound Training System – $45,000
This is a novel educational device for training in bedside ultrasound, relevant to anesthesia and obstetrical medicine practice. Training and learning critical competencies related to cardiac and lung ultrasound and vascular access are even more important now than ever before. Clinicians must now master these complex skills with bulky PPE gear in place.

Blood Pressure Monitors – FUNDED
In order to allow women to measure their blood pressure before and after pregnancy, from the safety of their homes, 20 portable Blood Pressure Monitors are urgently needed. Readings can be reported by women to their BC Women’s care team over the phone, ensuring their healthcare needs are met during this time.

Make a donation today to help with the purchase of this urgently needed Emergency Medical Equipment.


Investment Needed: $20,000

Staff members at BC Women’s Hospital have put in long hours, worked tirelessly, and have gone above and beyond their call of duty to ensure the health and protection of the patients they serve.

Even though it is a small gesture, we want to do what we can to help lighten their load—which is why we are raising funds to provide the 700 BC Women’s staff members with food vouchers. These vouchers can be used in the cafeteria, or at the newly created “essentials” store, so that they don’t have to make another stop on their way home from work to pick up groceries or other daily needs.

Make a donation today to provide care + comfort for the healthcare providers during these challenging times


Investment Needed: $12,000

Our healthcare heroes at BC Women’s Hospital are showing up, putting in prolonged hours, and providing remarkable care to women + newborns – they are a bedrock in our community.

But going above and beyond like they do, takes a toll, especially in a time of crisis. Healthcare staff deserve to feel at home during their long shifts, that’s why we are committed to raising funds to furnish the BC Women’s Healthcare Staff Lounge.

Give the gift of a “breather” – help our heroes unwind for a short moment on their breaks, in between shifts, or before travelling home after a hard day.



BC Women’s Health Foundation + BC Children’s Hospital Foundation have joined forces to connect healthcare workers to their patients, allowing patients to receive care from the safety of their own homes, without having to come to the hospital.

The Virtual Health Technology program will equip healthcare workers across the Women’s + Children’s campus with the tools necessary to communicate with their patients from afar. As they continue their life-saving work, we are dedicated to providing them with the resources they need to deliver care safely and effectively.

Make a donation today to help fund the purchase of new state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment, including headsets, speakerphones, and virtual cameras, enabling healthcare teams to continue delivering exceptional care virtually.

For more information on our COVID-19 Fund: Hospital + Staff, please contact Carleen Pauliuk, Senior Director of Philanthropy at 604.875.2270 or

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