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Empowering women through woman-centered care before, during and after birth.

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Equipping the provincial leader in maternity care to provide life-saving care

As one of Canada’s biggest and busiest obstetrical centres, BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre delivers more than 7,400 newborns into the world annually – 20% of all babies born in the province.

With the recent expansion of BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre’s Birthing Suites, and more babies being born with critical health conditions that require immediate care and treatment, you can help to provide women and their newborns with life-saving care. A few examples of equipment needed include:

  • Radiant Warmers
    Providing the most advanced respiratory support and most effective heating and monitoring to maximize a newborn’s recovery.
  • Fetal + Maternal Monitors
    Providing continuous and accurate measurement of vital signs during labour and delivery – helping medical teams catch any potentially life threatening conditions in mothers and infants as quickly as possible.
  • Joey Warming Beds 
    Providing newborn stabilization and treatment for jaundice by keeping baby protected and at just the right temperature while they undergo treatment under phototherapy lights.

Your donation will help to ensure the highest level of care for women and their newborns from across the province.


Strengthening parents bond with baby, with proven health benefits.

In April 2019, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) began offering music therapy to patients and their families in the Ladybug Unit two afternoons per week. This pilot program is the first of its kind in BC for premature and critically ill babies.

The benefits of music therapy are many, and can support a variety of therapeutic goals and developmental milestones. The therapy also improves the parent-infant bond. Sessions may include gentle lullaby-style singing, guitar music, touch, and personalized lullaby writing. This includes family members whenever possible. The Music Therapist works closely with families to come up with the best plan to support their baby.

Your gift will establish Music Therapy as a regular part of NICU care for five full days per week, and support the purchase of musical instruments. You will give parents the chance to strengthen their bond with their babies and learn new support skills that have been proven to have direct health benefits.