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Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women. But far too often, women are dismissed.
Investment needed: $330,000 total, with $305,000 left to raise

It is estimated that 1 in 10 women in Canada has endometriosis, many of whom report chronic pelvic pain starting in their teenage years. The stigma attached to a woman’s experience of pain makes it so that even when women do seek help, they are often dismissed. On average, it can take up to 11 years to receive a diagnosis.

We are seeking community support to spearhead a multi-facilitated research and public education effort to address the issues that prevent women with endometriosis from getting the care they need:

  • Public awareness campaigns, education, and a digital health platform.
  • Innovative knowledge translation through live and online events, to share new knowledge.
  • An Advanced Training Program in pelvic pain, endometriosis and advanced laparoscopy to provide clinical and research mentorship to future leaders in the field.
  • Clinical research and research technology, to improve treatment.

Your gift will help women with endometriosis live their best lives possible, and change diagnosis and treatment.