Karim Kassam shares his personal connection to the Foundation as a donor and Board Chair to support women’s health research and identify the issues in women’s equitable healthcare access, through his contribution to the Foundation’s Board of Directors’ $100,000 commitment.


“From my perspective, I’m a volunteer first.”

“I believe that if I’m going to be as deeply involved as I have as Board Chair and support the meaningful work of our Foundation, it’s important to balance my contribution to include both my knowledge and resources,” says Karim.

Inspired by the passion and support of our community, each and every member of the BC Women’s Health Foundation’s Board of Directors have joined together to donate $100,000 total to support the Foundation’s COVID-19 Funds.

“My son was born at BC Women’s Hospital, which is how I first became a Foundation donor,” Karim says. “Over these many years, I’ve seen, firsthand, the transformational impact Foundation supporters can have in identifying the issues women face in terms of getting equitable healthcare access and drawing attention to – and investment in – women’s health research.”

“Being a BC Women’s Health Foundation donor is a great source of happiness for me and my family. From my son’s birth at BC Women’s Hospital to the excellent care my wife has received over the years from their nurses and physicians, my family was born and nurtured alongside the allied health professionals at BC Women’s Hospital. And while my connection with the Foundation has been primarily past and present, it’s our future that has me most excited.”

As the Foundation prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary, the Board of Directors is reigniting their passion with 100% commitment, 100% dedication, and $100,000 to help ensure women have equitable access to the highest quality, specialized healthcare, when they need it most.

To ensure world-class healthcare for women means continuously investing in the research that system is built upon,” says Karim. “Our funding partnership with the Women’s Health Research Institute has inspired a tremendous amount of learning within the research community. I know that together with our supporters, we’re investing in solutions-focused research and innovation that will make women healthier. As a Foundation supporter, I can wake up every morning and ask if I am making an impact – and the answer to that question is yes.”

“Whether it’s contributing time or funding, I feel incredibly proud to be involved with the BC Women’s Health Foundation.”

Thank you to all our donors, supporters, and volunteers for your
passion and generosity to advancing the full spectrum of women’s health.


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