When Margarita found out she was pregnant, she felt a flood of emotions. Joy… excitement… nervousness. Even fear.


Margarita knew this would be no ordinary pregnancy. A few years ago, she’d been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She had her diabetes fully under control, but pregnancy could change everything.

“Because it’s a chronic illness, you tend to think the worst when it comes to pregnancy, especially when it’s your first baby,” Margarita says. “You feel like the odds are stacked against you already.”

Women with diabetes are at risk of serious complications during pregnancy and birth. They’re more likely to miscarry, have a baby born with a malformation, or experience a stillbirth. Their babies can be at risk too because they often grow quickly and their organs don’t have time to catch up.

Margarita was referred to the BC Women’s Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic, where she received weekly monitoring of her blood glucose levels, as well as practical advice on how to keep her levels low. As the pregnancy progressed, she also went in for regular tests so any concerns or complications could be addressed immediately.

When it came time for Margarita to give birth to her son, she knew she was in the best possible care. With the help of a donor-funded fetal heart monitoring system, an abnormality in her baby boy Joshua’s heartbeat was detected. Doctors were then able to quickly perform an emergency C-section, ensuring the safety of Margarita and Joshua.

Thanks to the support of donors, the hospital had the expertise and the technology to give Margarita the exceptional care she needed.

“I’m so grateful for an overall very smooth pregnancy,” Margarita says of her experience. “If you do enough research and are with the right healthcare team, it can be very successful.”

Each day, new patients like Margarita come to BC Women’s in need of extra support. Donors give the hospital the additional resources to provide this specialized care, leading to more joyful outcomes for both women and their babies. Only by working together can we achieve world-class healthcare for women.

Make exceptional healthcare happen for women like Margarita.