BC Women's Health Foundation Masks - Social Media Kit

We are so excited that you will be working with us as an ambassador for the BC Women’s Health Foundation Mask campaign. 

What is the Mask campaign? 

  • The BC Women’s Health Foundation is launching the sale of 4 x non-medical face masks in support of women’s health equity. 
  • 3 x face masks support the BC Women’s Health Foundation’s most urgent funding needs.
    • Slogan mask 
    • 25th anniversary mask 
    • Essential workers mask 
  • 1 x face masks is a limited edition release with the Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC) in support of programs fighting to end gender-based violence.
  • The non-medical face masks are high quality, machine washable, come in 3 sizes: Youth ($17.99), and Medium and Large ($19.99). The masks are designed + produced locally. Read more details below. 
  • The call to action of this campaign will be “buy a mask to support women’s health”. The campaign will be promoted through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email. 
  • Masks will be shipped 4-6 weeks after purchase.

Theme: Support Women. Protect Others. 

Using the key message #SupportWomenProtectOthers we will highlight how the purchase of these masks supports women’s health initiatives and the benefits of wearing non-medical masks also protects those around you. 

We’ve included some tips, graphics, and information about BC Women’s Health Foundation for you to use on your website or social media accounts. 

Tips and Ideas

  • Follow BC Women’s Health Foundation social media accounts. 
  • Tag us in your content and use the hashtag  #SupportWomenProtectOthers
  • Get creative with your content! We’ve included some facts and images that you can use below, but we hope you’ll cater what we have to your brand. Ideas include:
    • Engage with our content We’ll have content for you to engage in and IG Lives showcasing ambassadors of the mask campaign. We hope you engage and share with your followers. Key dates include: 
      • Monday, June 15 – teaser content starts, followers will be encouraged to sign up to get exclusive access to our campaign. 
      • Tuesday, June 16 – teaser email sent out with exclusive access to the sales site.
      • Thursday, June 17 – sales open to the public.
      • Week of June 21 – promotion of the EVA BC masks featuring male ally ambassadors including Amrit Heer of She Wears Love, Clifton from the Tenors, and Former BC Lions Wally Buono, JR LaRose, Angus Reid, and Solomon Elimimian.
      • Week of June 29 – promotion of the 25th anniversary mask 
      • July 6 onwards – general promotion of masks
    • Personalize your content We hope to see a picture with you and your loved ones wearing the mask. We also recommend including a personalized response on why you’re supporting this campaign and women’s health.
    • Educate your followers Inform your followers on the importance of women’s health. We’ve included some facts for you below.
    • Add our call to action Include “Buy a mask and support women’s health at shop.bcwomensfoundation.org” 

Support women. Protect others. 

When you support women’s health, you are supporting gender equity, which doesn’t just advance the well-being of women, but benefits people of all genders through peace and security, economic prosperity, health, and happiness. 

When you invest in women’s health, you are protecting the lives of women and the lives of everyone else.

Supporting women during the COVID-19 pandemic 

  • In BC, 80% of healthcare workers are women. This means more women will be at risk for exposure in healthcare settings. Most of them occupy nursing roles, which have higher levels of exposure than doctors.
  • Many non-urgent appointments, surgeries, and screening programs such as mammograms and colonoscopies have been suspended to reduce the burden on the health system.
  • COVID-19’s economic impact is different from past recessions which tended to see traditionally male industries like manufacturing and construction impacted. Now there is a greater impact on sectors like education, restaurants, hospitality, and social services – all of which have more employees who are women.

Gender-based violence statistics

  • Globally, 243 million women and girls aged 15-49 have been subjected to sexual and/or physical violence perpetrated by an intimate partner in the previous 12 months. The number is likely to increase as security, health, and money worries heighten tensions and strains are accentuated by cramped and confined living conditions.
  • One in 10 women is very or extremely concerned about the possibility of violence in the home during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • A common tactic of an abuser is to isolate their victims from friends, and family and coworkers. With self-isolation measures, this is a dynamic that an abuser operates in. 

Facts about women’s health

  • Historically, women’s health has been treated according to men’s health research findings, often leading to misdiagnoses.
  • 70% of patients with “medically unexplained symptoms” are women.
  • Doctors are more likely to diagnose women’s pain as psychological, are less likely to admit women for testing, and are inclined to give women less pain medication than men.
  • The prevalence of mental health issues during reproductive life stages adds to the complexity of care for women. Yet most mental health therapy is based on the male experience.

Information about the BCWHF masks

  • Locally designed by Fer Rivera
  • Made locally in BC, Canada
  • Reusable: machine wash on cold to use again and again 
  • Made of high performance, moisture-wicking fabric with a durable outer shell and soft-spun inner shell (100% polyester)
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Soft, stretchy ear-loops for maximum comfort
  • Easily insert an additional filter if desired 
  • Youth, Medium, + Large sizes for the entire family
  • Masks will be shipped in 4-6 weeks. This timeline allows us to order masks from our manufacturer  in direct response to the demand and for our manufacturer to safely produce masks given necessary COVID-19 precautions for their staff. 

Medical Disclaimer: This product is non-medical grade and does not replace N95 or other medical grade masks. This product helps to prevent the transmission of droplets between people as well as onto surfaces and allows medical masks to be prioritized for healthcare workers and patients.

Information about the BC Women’s Health Foundation 

  • BC Women’s Health Foundation is dedicated to advancing the full spectrum of women’s health in BC so that all women, across all life stages, have equitable access to the highest quality healthcare when, where and how they need it.
  • The BC Women’s Health Foundation facilitates discussion to help women understand how their bodies are different, how to advocate for themselves, and how to navigate the healthcare system.

Information about Ending Violence Association BC

  • The Ending Violence Association of British Columbia (EVA BC) works to coordinate and support the work of victim-serving and other anti-violence programs in British Columbia through the provision of issue-based consultation and analysis, resource development,training, research and education. 
  • Membership is comprised of these four areas: Community-Based Victim Services Programs, Stopping the Violence Counselling Programs, Stopping the Violence / Multicultural Outreach Programs, Sexual Assault / Woman Assault Centres

Thanks again for your support! 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Senior Manager, Community Partnerships, christie.buono@bcwomensfoundation.org

Instagram Graphics for In-Feed posts + Stories

Slogan Mask
25th Anniversary
Essential Workers
Essential Workers
Essential Workers 2
25th Anniversary