Pacific Blue Cross Champions Health Equity With Insights + Innovation

Pacific Blue Cross provides plans that cover over 900,000 women in the province.

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Pacific Blue Cross began a journey with BC Women’s Health Foundation three years ago to take a leadership role in improving women’s health in British Columbia.

As BC’s Health Benefits Society and the largest health benefits and insurance provider in the province, Pacific Blue Cross has proudly supported ground-breaking reports like In Her Words and the Unmasking Gender Inequity series — to shine a light on health equity.

The partnership allows Pacific Blue Cross to learn, design, and build evidence-based group and individual health plans that will improve the health and wellbeing of women in BC.

“We realize that health equity is a journey, not a destination. To deliver on our mission to improve health and wellbeing for British Columbians, we need to think differently and look at innovative solutions within our products and services that make a difference.”

– John Crawford, President + CEO, Pacific Blue Cross

For instance, its New Parent Boost benefit, a first-ofits-kind initiative, provides additional mental health and physiotherapy coverage to new moms and their partners as their health needs and expenses increase.

It is a good example of what can happen when the values of two like-minded organizations align for the betterment of women’s health. Serving the health and wellbeing of 1 in 3 throughout the province – and more women than men – Pacific Blue Cross is driven to increase access to equitable healthcare.

In the future, our organizations will be collaborating on research and innovation projects dedicated to breaking down equity barriers standing between women and their access to healthcare. It’s complex work that will allow Pacific Blue Cross to reconsider how it underwrites insurance products – all with the goal of improving health and wellbeing for BC women.


  • PBC has funded $400,000 towards insights + innovation in health and wellbeing for women in BC.
  • Employs over 750 British Columbians, of which 70% identify as women.
  • Provides plans that cover over 900,000 women in the province.

Our 2022 Spring Impact Report, INVISIBLE TO INVINCIBLE, highlights a handful of ways that your investments are amplifying the voices of women, bridging the gender gap in women’s health research, and helping to fund vital equipment and upgrades at the province’s dedicated women’s hospital.