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The Skidmore Goodman PRIME Centre includes four newly-renovated imaging suites, a venipuncture room, a consent room, a collaboration room, a dry lab, and a soiled utility room. Originally conceptualized in 2015 by Dr. Denise Pugash after she received a grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation to initiate the creation of the first dedicated ultrasound imaging research facility in British Columbia, the Centre officially opened its doors to researchers in 2020.

With the generous support of the Skidmore family, BC Women’s Heath Foundation, the Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI), and BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre, PRIME offers researchers the opportunity to use specialized equipment and dedicated space in order to promote new discoveries to benefit the health of women and families.

Join Dr. Denise Pugash for a tour of the space and the donor-supported equipment that makes it unique.

Learn more about this space by visiting their page here: PRIME Research Centre

Behind the name

Thomas and Lorraine Skidmore partnered with BC Women’s Health Foundation to generously fund this facility, and more, in honour of their mothers: Elsie Skidmore and Theadora Goodman. The legacy of these matriarchs will forever embed the life-changing advancements made possible by this transformational gift.

The Skidmore Goodman Research Wet Lab at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre addresses the barriers to innovation for researchers often caused by a lack of equipment and dedicated space. The first and only of its kind in British Columbia dedicated to women’s health research, it is accelerating cutting-edge advancements like never before.

Watch the video below as PhD candidate Dwayne Tucker gives a tour of the space. And click here to read how the Skidmore Goodman Research Wet Lab is shaping a new future for women’s health research.

Thanks to the supporters and teams involved:

Supporters of the Skidmore Goodman PRIME Centre:

BC Women’s Health Foundation and the Skidmore family


Dr. Denise Pugash, Project Lead
Dr. Amanda Easton, Ultrasound Consultant
Carola Muñoz, Research Manager, WHRI
Ariadna Fernandez, Research Manager, MFM
Nicole Prestley, Research Manager, WHRI
Frannie Mackenzie, Research Assistant, WHRI
Marketa Waldrum, Research Assistant

Additional support from:

Dr. Chantal Mayer, current Project Lead and head of ultrasound at BCWH
Dr. Lori Brotto, WHRI
Aimee Nygaard and Mandy Ling, BCWH Foundation
Cheryl Davies, COO, BCWH
and numerous other supporters

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