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Leaving a legacy gift to BC Women’s Health Foundation

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At the heart of philanthropy at BC Women’s Health Foundation, there are stories of enduring compassion and everlasting impact. Throughout the Foundation’s history, thousands of individuals from across BC have come together to support women and newborn health.

Barb Hestrin is one of those people whose philanthropy has demonstrated a commitment to women and newborn health in our province.

Barb’s career in healthcare began in the 1980s when she worked in newborn special care in Calgary. She then worked in sexual and reproductive health before making her way to the then Grace Hospital and their newly formed Women’s Health Care Centre in 1992. She continued her work at BC Women’s Hospital in various departments, first as a nurse clinician and eventually as a senior administrative officer. In 2008, Hestrin was asked to join the board of the BC Women’s Health Foundation. She also began working with the BC Women’s Hospital Auxiliary, which fundraises for the hospital.

“When I joined in 1992 the Women’s Health Centre was just being developed and it was a real opportunity to work on projects that were helping women,” shared Barb. “The programs were innovative and one of a kind in the country. I put into practice my passion for women’s health.”

After a remarkable career in women’s health, Barb knew she wanted to find ways to give back. That led her to leave a legacy gift to BC Women’s Health Foundation. 

“Leaving a legacy gift to BC Women’s Health Foundation was a way to personally express my gratitude for having the opportunity to be involved with the hospital,” said Barb. “It just seemed logical to leave a gift to an organization that gave so much to me.”

A legacy gift can be made through a will or estate plan. The gift can be made through cash, life issuance, securities, or other assets. 

Leaving a legacy gift to BC Women’s Health Foundation honours the achievements we have created together. It creates a lasting impact for generations to come by ensuring well-supported health services for women and newborns across our province. 

With your legacy gift, physicians and healthcare staff at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre will have access to new research and technology. It will ensure patients will continue to receive the highest quality health care. It will help secure BC Women’s Hospital as the centre of medical excellence for maternal and infant care and women’s health research.

What will your legacy be?

Join our journey into a future of exceptional women’s health.

If you have questions about legacy giving, please reach out to Lisa Shearer by email at or by calling 604-375-1224.