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Cally Wesson

President + CEO

Cally Wesson

Cally Wesson, the dedicated CEO + President of BC Women’s Health Foundation, has committed her career to advancing healthcare initiatives for vulnerable populations. With a consistent theme of bringing people together to foster community and drive positive change, Cally continues to lead and inspire her talented staff at BC Women’s Health Foundation. Collaborating with donors, community partners, and an engaged Board, she remains devoted to delivering on strategic priorities aimed at advancing women + newborn health.

In her pivotal first year, Cally spearheaded the launch of BC Women’s Health Research Month and along with the team finished the first phase of the Midlife and Mature Women’s Health campaign. Through these initiatives, Cally has already played a transformative role in improving women’s health in both BC and Canada.

Cally’s unwavering commitment to transformative leadership was evident during her distinguished four-year tenure as the CEO of Variety, The Children’s Charity. Under her guidance, fundraising efforts more than doubled, effectively bridging critical gaps in healthcare and education for children. Her visionary approach manifested in the introduction of innovative programs, including initiatives supporting Continuous Glucose Monitors and Private Autism Assessments. Cally’s passion for addressing pressing healthcare needs underscored her ability to drive positive change.

Before her role at Variety, Cally held pivotal leadership positions within the non-profit sector, notably contributing to major gift fundraising at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Her engagement with the research community at JDRF allowed her to translate scientific advancements into impactful fundraising strategies including launching the clinical trial network.

Cally’s enthusiasm for combining her skills and passions is evident in her commitment to making a significant impact on BC communities. Her leadership at BC Women’s Health Foundation exemplifies a visionary and compassionate approach to improving healthcare outcomes and fostering a healthier future for women throughout the province.