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Cheryl Gipson

Executive Assistant to CEO
+ Board Liaison

As a past patient, Cheryl is deeply connected to our cause. She is inspired to advocate for healthy women and promote gender equity in our healthcare system, driven daily by her belief that all women deserve to have their voices heard. Cheryl passionately strives to champion this belief through her work with BCWHF; with over a decade of experience in the fundraising space, Cheryl brings a wealth of knowledge and skill that contributes to driving the Foundation’s mission, and surpassing its goals. Ensuring women have easy access to resources for understanding the science around women’s bodies is a core motivator for Cheryl. She is wholeheartedly committed to the Foundation’s work in providing strength and guidance to every woman, so every woman can take charge of their health.

Insight for Impact

“I believe that the most powerful tool in advancing women’s health is allocating resources to fund critical research and provide the necessary tools to educate communities all over BC and beyond.”