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Rajveet Biring

Accounting Assistant

Rajveet is a passionate member of the BC Women’s Hospital Foundation team and a fierce advocate for its mission. With her sound education and experience in the healthcare sector, she brings accountability, precision, and care to the numbers that are so critical to the success of the organization. Rajveet is a steadfast advocate, knowing all too well of the gender disparity in research and resources. She believes that with more education and awareness, women’s health can be dramatically improved. Inspired by her mother, Rajveet works every day with a positive and tenacious drive to champion women’s health and equity for all ages and stages.

Insight for Impact

“To this date, women still are facing troubles in getting accurately diagnosed on time. The most powerful tool in advancing women’s health is accessible resources. If the help or support is readily available, the overall health of women can be drastically improved all around the world.”

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