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The Maternal Fetal Medicine Team


The Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic manages the most complicated pregnancies in the province and performs life-saving procedures. Our work is rooted in the most recent advancements and evidence-based medicine; and pushing the boundaries when standard medical practice falls short. Every day, our team goes beyond what has been done before, seeking the best care for challenging high-risk pregnancies.

Every patient and their family is special to us. There is nothing more rewarding than a visit from a former patient, knowing that we were able to give them and their family the best possible care and support during their time with us.

With your support, we can change clinical practice provincially, nationally, and internationally – ensuring that the next generation of team members is best equipped to manage difficult pregnancies.

If we have helped you or someone you love, please consider making a donation to support the work of our team.

Your donation will help women and their families with the most complicated pregnancies. Together we can advance the future of healthcare.

– Dr. Ken Lim, Head of the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre