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Leaving a legacy gift to BC Women’s Health Foundation

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Every donor to BC Women’s Health Foundation has a reason for giving. Be it a patient experience at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre, a desire to find a cure for a disease that took the life of a loved one, or a vision of a better future for women’s healthcare, every gift is an inspired one.

For Jennifer Randall Nelson, Board Chair at BC Women’s Health Foundation, giving back was inspired by an experience she had during her daughter’s time in the NICU at BC Women’s.

Jennifer’s daughter was born prematurely at 31 weeks and was immediately rushed to the NICU. She stayed there for just over 9 weeks to receive extra support at the beginning of her life. Jennifer says she and her daughter received life-saving care. “Knowing that the best doctors and nursing team were there managing her was such a peace of mind,” she said.

“It was a stressful time for our family, but I felt fortunate to only live 15 minutes from BC Women’s Hospital. That made it easier for us to come and spend time with her each day,” Jennifer shared.

During her weeks in the NICU Jennifer got to know other families, including one family who faced incredibly difficult circumstances of having a child in the NICU that lived far outside the Metro Vancouver area. Jennifer was stunned to learn that because of the financial hardship of travel and accommodations, the mom had to live in a camper van in the parking lot of the hospital.

“It struck me that we have really good healthcare in BC, but her circumstances were so disheartening and I thought surely we can do better,” shared Jennifer.

This experience has inspired Jennifer’s donations to BC Women’s Health Foundation over the years and ultimately prompted her to leave a legacy gift to the Foundation.

“There is an enormous list of health issues and challenges women can face in their lifetime, many of which happen during their most vulnerable moments in pregnancy and postpartum,” said Jennifer. “And that’s why I felt it was important to invest in women’s healthcare by leaving a legacy gift.”

A legacy gift is one made through a Will or estate plan. The gift can be one of cash, securities, life insurance, or other assets.

Leaving a legacy gift to BC Women’s Health Foundation honours the achievements we have created together. It creates a lasting impact for generations to come by ensuring well supported health services for women across our province. With your legacy gift, physicians, and health care staff at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre will have access to new research and technology. It will ensure patients will receive the highest quality health care. It will help secure BC Women’s Hospital as the centre of medical excellence for maternal and infant care and women’s health research.


What will your legacy be?

Join our journey into a future of exceptional women’s health.

If you have questions about legacy giving, please reach out to Lisa Shearer by email at or by calling 604-375-1224.