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Supporting non-judgmental environments and support that keep women’s health at the centre.

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Centred around women’s goals, FIR helps women and newborns who are recovering from substance use.

At FIR Square women are supported – sometimes for many months – with clinical care, counselling, and skills training to help them stabilize and recover from substance dependence with their babies. Keeping mothers and newborns together is a priority.

In July 2019, FIR Square is moving into a new, enhanced, renovated space at BC Women’s. Their harm reduction model of care is already a world-leader, so we’re striving to provide an environment to match. It will feel less clinical, providing a space where women can really feel supported in their healing and wellness. Donate to equitable healthcare that meets women where they’re at.


It will be the first in Canada—but it’s still in early-development. That’s where you come in.

Up to 1 in 5 women in BC will experience mental health concerns before or after giving birth. These may include episodes of depression, anxiety, or suicidal and infant-harming intentions.

What were once considered “imagined” issues influencing a woman’s health are now understood to be very real. We are determined to increase credibility, inclusiveness, and space for women in BC.

But our province currently lacks a specialized unit where mothers and their infants can stay together, and be cared for in a safe environment. This six-bed unit will provide short-term stays in an entirely women-centered environment. We are looking for one transformational donor to make this unit a reality.