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Ensuring inclusive, high-quality care for a holistic approach to women’s sexual and reproductive health—at every age.

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The healthcare system has historically cared for women according to each area of their body. But BC Women’s think it’s time for mature women to have one clinic for everything.

The Shirley Barnett Mature Women’s Health Clinic is leading the way in healthcare for women ages 45 and up. Far too little research has been conducted on how menopause affects the aging process. So for far too long, mature women have not been heard or seen by the healthcare system.

This new clinic is in early development, set to be one of the first in North America to delve into a holistic understanding of how women can be empowered this stage of their life. Your gift will transform women’s health across all life stages.


The CARE Program Fellowship educates future doctors on abortion to eradicate the stigma.

A 2018 study found that 57% of medicine residents surveyed in Canada had received no formal education on abortion. Medical schools have been neglecting this topic for a long time.

That’s why BC Women’s offers training for family physicians. The clinical fellowship we’re funding teaches comprehensive and integrative skills. This includes informational and clinical training in contraception options, abortion options, and hands-on abortion training – including care before and after.

What is learned here is shared across our province—and beyond. When you support the CARE Fellowship, you are helping ensure women have access to supportive, non-judgemental healthcare.