Kate Bayne shares her motivation for giving towards the Foundation’s Board of Directors’ $100,000 commitment to support women’s healthcare.


“I am passionate about the centrality of women’s health in a healthy society,” says Kate Bayne. “In donating my time as a Board member, it has become clearer to me where funding gaps are. By augmenting the public healthcare system to help provide additional equipment, facilities, research, and expertise, I’ve come to see the impact funding can have in supporting the specialized needs of women’s healthcare”.

Inspired by the passion and support of our community, each and every member of the BC Women’s Health Foundation’s Board of Directors have joined together to donate $100,000 total to support the Foundation’s COVID-19 Funds.

“As a Board member, I believe I have a responsibility to educate, inspire, and motivate others to join us in supporting the Foundation’s mission of ensuring exemplary healthcare for women,” says Kate. “I am extremely proud to be a contributor to the efforts of BC Women’s Health Foundation, both as a donor and in committing my time”.

“We all view healthcare through our personal experiences, which shape our understanding of it. Similarly, we each have individual ways to help shape the type of healthcare we receive to ensure it’s responsive to the specialized needs of women”.

As the Foundation prepares to celebrate its 25th Anniversary, the Board of Directors are reigniting their passion with 100% commitment, 100% dedication, and $100,000 to help ensure women have equitable access to the highest quality, specialized healthcare, when they need it most.

“BC Women’s Health Foundation has a role for everyone – not only the generous donors who provide financial support, but also for those who can support us with the gift of your time and networks,” Kate says. “We are committed to awareness, education, and advocacy initiatives that promote the beneficial impact of women’s health within a healthy society. By using your time and voice to help promote awareness, it stimulates funders. Funders provide the means to support the delivery of specialized care, technology, and research, which improves health outcomes for women”.

“Together, with the trajectory we are on, I believe women’s healthcare will be in a completely different place in ten years”.

Thank you to all our donors, supporters, and volunteers for your
passion and generosity to advancing the full spectrum of women’s health.


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