The Diamond Family provides better support for women in need of immediate attention.

The Diamond Family

For many women in the Lower Mainland who need a gynecological surgery, long wait lists are an unfortunate reality. A transformational $5 million investment from the Diamond Family is changing this for women.

The Family has played a leading role in initiating the new Leslie, Lauri, and Jill Diamond Women’s Specialized Health Centre at BC Women’s Hospital. A revamped Gynecology Daycare Surgery Program is the first step towards making this comprehensive Centre, which will support the healthcare needs of women across all ages and stages, a reality.

Thanks to the early support from the Diamond Family, BC Women’s has expanded its Gynecology Daycare Surgery Program. Conscious sedation surgeries are now offered, in addition to traditional surgical day care, to address a broad range of reproductive and gynecological issues for women.

After three years in the making, the Gynecology Daycare Surgery Program is now running at full capacity and the impacts have been staggering. Since the start of this project, BC Women’s has seen a surgical case increase of 200%. Dr. Beth Taylor, from the Olive Fertility Clinic has already seen the positive results.

“The BC Women’s surgery program has helped our patients immensely,” says Dr. Taylor, “Because of the conscious sedation program, our patients access safe surgery, quickly. The ability to have efficient access to day surgery for minor gynecologic procedures goes a long way to improve patient care for infertile women in BC.”

The expansion of the Gynecology Daycare Surgery Program means quicker access to better care for women – and everyone.  This Program alleviates pressure on the general surgical programs at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) and at St. Paul’s Hospital, improving access to surgeries for all.  Also, care providers are able to use a new central booking system to book their patients directly for the next available surgery.

“This has been immensely helpful for patients and for healthcare resourcing,” Dr. Jeff Roberts of Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine explains, “There is a high level of urgency and anxiety among our patients, so being able to start treatment without delay is huge.”

With all of these updates and advancements, many patients have expressed their deep gratitude for faster wait times and getting the appropriate pain medication that’s needed.

Faster access and better care was the Diamond Family’s goal.

“Too many people can’t access appropriate care. We can offer women shorter wait times, faster access to specialists, or appropriate treatments and surgeries,” Jill Diamond explains.

This isn’t the first investment towards BC Women’s from the Diamond Family. The Family’s first gift to BC Women’s Hospital was the Aurora Centre 30 years ago. Since then, they have supported the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the Sadie Diamond Breast Health Imaging Centre.

“Women are the backbone of our society,” explains Jill Diamond, “Investing in women’s health is crucial and central to supporting the greater health of our communities.”

Pictured above: The Diamond Family in front of the BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre.