Welcome to the Changemaker’s Market, an online marketplace of woman-founded offerings in support of the BC Women’s Health Foundation — including Dr. Genieve Burley, chiropractor, fitness instructor and movement expert.


We’re going from “how’re you holding up” to “who are you holding up”. 

Welcome to the Changemaker’s Market, a digital community of movers and makers who have generously donated their goods and services to benefit the BC Women’s Health Foundation.

We asked our Changemakers a few questions, including Alison Mazurek of 600 sq. ft. and a baby @600sqftandababy.

“We loved our city. We loved walking everywhere. We loved our street with coffee shops, stores and restaurants so we are never bored. And we loved our 600sqft 1 bedroom apartment with high ceilings and big windows. Then we had a baby….and another baby… And everyone said we had to move…. but we didn’t. And 6 years later, so far so good. Doing our best to live small, thoughtfully and sustainably in the city with our two kids.”

What’s your Quarantine anthem? 

We’ve been playing a lot of Harry Styles lately. Also Dancing on My Own by Robyn is a forever anthem and quite appropriate right now (except that I am never alone lately with my 3 year old and 6 year old always underfoot, haha).

One word to describe 600 sq ft and a baby’s legacy?


Sourdough starter, yay or nay? 

Nope, but we have made banana bread 😉

Why did you choose to donate to the Changemaker’s Market? 

I can’t imagine how all these Foundations that count on in-person events for the majority of their donations are feeling right now. It felt like something I could do from the safety of my home while looking after the kids.

Why does women’s health matter to you? 

Our health is everything isn’t it? 

Do you have a personal story that inspired you to support women’s health? 

I had both my babies at BC Women’s Hospital and required urgent care during both. I am forever grateful for the amazing care I received during those times I feel forever indebted to the healthcare team that cared for us.

What inspires you most about giving back to your community? 

I recognize mine and my family’s privilege and want to give back when and where I can. 

I also find in this strange time where I can feel out of control or overwhelmed it helps me to look outside myself and do something for others. 

What’s your unique mission with your products/services?  

Above all I want to help people, especially families to feel comfortable, and not ashamed to live in small spaces. 

Having fewer, better things and a functional small space can be very freeing. A smaller footprint and fewer possessions can give us time to have more experiences and lessen our impact on the earth.

What’s the first thing you’ll do post-social distancing? 

I am looking forward to a packed apartment dinner full of friends and their kids. I used to complain it was too loud and no one could ever finish a sentence. I will never complain about that again!

What or who is a local shop/service founded by a woman that you admire? 

We live on a vibrant street with so many women-run shops that I admire. 

Including Collage Collage by Erin B, Sunja Link by Sunja, Much and Little by Sarah. I am also the biggest fan and supporter of Petits Vilains locally made sustainable clothes for kids run by Rachel and Jen. I also can’t get enough of Penny Frances Apothecary by Sarah (Saz). And Woo to see You owner Hans! I could go on and on.

Nothing inspires me more than women run businesses.

Bid, buy, connect, create change. Every purchase made at the Changemakers Market is a declaration of your dedication to women’s health and equity in the healthcare system. Go you.

Whether you bid on the Changemakers Market from May 30 – June 6, or donate directly — you’re championing change for all women across BC.

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