Megan Martin believes in doing everything she can to empower women and that starts with her generous donation to the BC Women’s Health Foundation.


For Megan Martin, Li Ma Family, (马丽) honouring women is a core value. That’s why BC Women’s Health Foundation is honoured to recognize her $200,000 gift in the health of women across BC.

As BC’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the full spectrum of women’s health, BC Women’s Health Foundation has a natural values-alignment with Megan Martin’s Beautiful Life Foundation.

Megan Martin (马丽) has spearheaded women leadership positions since arriving in Vancouver. She’s worked hard to break barriers and empower women in her community. She understands first-hand the resilience women carry into every sector, and every community, every day. She sees this as a through-line in all her charitable giving, whether to arts and culture, spirituality, or healthcare. When women are empowered, an entire community benefits – it’s a beautiful, exponential ripple effect.

“Women play such an important role in society. I believe in doing everything I can to empower them. I always knew I wanted to support women’s healthcare when I had the chance” – Megan Martin (马丽), Li Ma Family, Beautiful Life Foundation.

On a personal level, after her two grandchildren were born at BC Women’s Hospital in Vancouver, the high-quality care they received inspired her to give back. She strongly believes importance of family, and keeping families together. As someone who has always wanted the best for her children, she sees her donation as a way to ensure BC Women’s Hospital’s world-class care reaches even more families.

“Megan Martin’s donation is rooted in supporting women. We are incredibly grateful for her leadership and donation. With partners like Megan alongside, we are that much closer to our vision of healthy women everywhere, capable of anything” – Genesa Greening, President + CEO of BC Women’s Health Foundation.

Supporting an organization that is dedicated to the health needs of women – and honours women’s individuality – is a part of Megan’s legacy. BC Women’s Health Foundation recognized her generosity at the electrifying GLOW gala presented by TELUS on October 5th, 2019.

Pictured above: BC Women’s Health Foundation’s President + CEO, Genesa Greening, with $200,000 donor, Megan Martin, Board Chair, Karim Kassam, & Senior Director Principal Giving, Carleen Pauliuk