Motherless Mother’s Day

For many, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the courageous and inspiring moms in our lives. For Alica, it means so much more.

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Alica Forneret is a professional dedicated to creating new spaces for people to explore grief and grieving. She works with an extensive network of international creatives as collaborative partners for print and digital grief-focused projects. You can find her writing her newsletter from coffee shops in Vancouver, running workshops with Reimagine in NYC, and hosting Death Over Dinner events across the United States and Canada.

She created Dead Moms Club lapel pins for others in The Club to commemorate, commiserate, and celebrate their moms who have passed away. These pins are for everyone. People of all ages, all genders, and all backgrounds.

These pins are for people at all stages of their grief—fresh or deep into their journey. A friend, a family member, and maybe even your own mother. And most importantly, they’re for anytime of the year. Mother’s Day is hard as hell, but so are the holidays, birthdays, and that random ol’ Tuesday when you’re just trying to get through it.– Alica

Use the code “BCWOMENS” when purchasing Dead Moms Club lapel pins, and you’ll receive a 10% discount, plus 100% of net proceeds will be donated to the BC Women’s Health Foundation.

Alica, in partnership with Reimagine, is also hosting a virtual event called Motherless Mother’s Day. Held over three days (May 8 – 10), the event will create space for people who are grieving to commemorate their mamas and care for themselves – through movement, education, connection, and even simple distraction. The weekend is designed so you can pop in and out of individual events, curating your Motherless Mother’s Day weekend to be whatever you need.

Event Details:

May 8 – 10

Location: Virtual


Despite all the books you’ve read or the advice you’ve heard, you never really “get over” losing your mother. You get through. And you just learn to live without her. It’s just a bit more obvious that she’s not there on the second Sunday of May.” – Alica

There is still so much we don’t know about the complexities of grief. And talking about grief can be hard. But Alica believes it doesn’t have to be.

You can follow her on Instagram @alica.forneret

You can also share your own story using #MotherlessMothersDay.