Introducing Women’s Health Collective Canada

We’re shaping a more inclusive future for women’s healthcare in Canada.

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For 25 years, the BC Women’s Health Foundation has been dedicated to advancing the full spectrum of women’s health so that all women, across all life stages, have equitable access to the highest quality healthcare. To expand our impact, we’ve joined forces with Toronto’s Women’s College Hospital Foundation and Alberta Women’s Health Foundation to amplify, magnify, and unify our movements across Canada.

Together, we are proud to announce the launch of the Women’s Health Collective Canada, a strategic alliance of women’s health and hospital foundations committed to raising awareness and funds to advance equity in women’s health. Our three leading women’s health foundations will bring our resources, fundraising efforts, and advocacy together to address the wider gaps that call for a unified team’s strength. Together, the Women’s Health Collective Canada will:

  • Fund medical research addressing the unique needs of women
  • Raise awareness of gender health inequities
  • Dispel misconceptions surrounding women’s health
  • Broaden the scope and reach of world-class women’s health programs
  • Create higher standards of care for every woman in Canada

Today, the Women’s Health Collective Canada begins the movement to #FundTheFacts.


  • The internet is cited by 67% of Canadians as a regular source of health information.
  • Approximately 89% of Canadians do not know that women are more likely to experience an adverse reaction from prescription medications in comparison to men.
  • Only 8% of Canadians know that as high as one-third of women in Canada suffer from clinically significant sexual dysfunction that interferes with their quality of life.
  • Only 20% Canadians know that heart disease kills more women than men each year.
  • 83% of Canadians don’t know that over 30% of women suffer from periods severe enough to interfere with daily activities.

The Women’s Health Collective Canada is shaping a more inclusive future for women’s healthcare in Canada.


BC Women’s Health Foundation is BC’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the full spectrum of women’s health. The information shared is intended to educate, inform, and point readers to credible sources. It is not intended to substitute professional medical advice.