Po Chen, Founder + CEO of Nourish Clean Beauty, talks with us about prioritizing women’s health, non-toxic skin care, and self love. 


Po Chen, Founder + CEO of Po House and Nourish Clean Beauty, is investing in women’s health this spring by donating 10% of all Nourish Clean Beauty proceeds from March through May. Christie Buono, Director of Marketing + Community Partnerships, interviewed Po to learn more about why women’s health matters to her as a business owner and Chinese woman, and why she feels it is so critical to support the women that care for us this Mother’s Day. 

To help other women practise self care, Po is kindly offering readers an exclusive 20% discount on Nourish Clean Beauty products which you can find at the end of this article. 

Christie Buono: Why does women’s health matter to you?

Po Chen: As a woman in this modern world, I know that we are constantly wearing multiple hats at a time. We might not be able to prioritize loving and caring about ourselves because we often put everyone’s demand and needs before our own. We also put so much pressure on ourselves as mothers, wives, and caregivers. Just being a woman is super hard these days. Knowing who we are and learning how to love ourselves is a very crucial thing for our personal growth and mental health. I will do anything to bear some of the burden for other women who are in situations where it is impossible to get help when it is needed.

CB: Do you have a personal story you’d feel comfortable sharing that inspired you to support women’s health?

PC: Growing up in a traditional Chinese family and a survivor of the one-child policy in China, I have had a lot of traumatic experiences related to inequality. It took me a long time to find the right tools to resolve some of the questions that I had as a child and that resulted in a lot of pain and challenges growing into a young woman. I am very grateful that my family is able to provide me with the financial support for seeking the right help. I cannot imagine people who have to go through any of this all by themselves without professional mental health guidance.

CB: What does healthy women everywhere, capable of anything mean to you?

PC: Self love is the key. You cannot give what you don’t have. Love is what we all need to heal, strengthen, and shine.

CB: Who is a caregiver that you want to acknowledge to and why?

PC: I want to salute to my mom who is this strong role model for me. We might not agree with each other all the time but I cannot imagine what she has been through growing up as a woman back then in a different country. Despite everything she experienced, she stayed sane and has kept so much love for everyone around her. 

CB: Why do you feel it is important to care for those that care for us this Mother’s Day?

PC: There is a Chinese saying: “To raise a child until he/she reaches one hundred years old, a parent would worry about him/her for ninety-nine years.” As a mother or caretaker, there is an unending well of worries. We all deserve at least ONE DAY to just dedicate to our mothers.

CB: How is Nourish Clean Beauty prioritizing caregivers this Mother’s Day?

PC: Nourish Clean Beauty is donating 10% of our sales to BC Women’s Health Foundation from March through May. We wanted to do something to support women in our community and more specifically, women’s health. We have always admired the work of BC Women’s Health Foundation so when the opportunity arose to support this incredible non-profit it was a no brainer. We prioritize women and mothers by ensuring that we carry a range of products that are both pregnancy and family safe! In celebration of Mother’s Day we will also be launching our Skincare Sets. These are special value sets focusing on a range of skin concerns making it easy for you to treat your Mom, or a special someone, to the gift of self-care this Mother’s Day!

CB: How do you feel your personal/company values align with the BCWHF’s mission?

PC: We want to spark change when it comes to women’s health and we do this by prioritizing non-toxic, clean beauty and wellness products. As women, we spend so much time and money on skincare and beauty products, yet so many brands and products use harmful, toxic ingredients that are terrible for our bodies, our health and our planet! By choosing clean beauty and wellness products you are choosing healthier options for your skin, body, and the environment.

CB: The pandemic has greatly impacted retailers. Despite this, you are still prioritizing giving back. Why do you feel it still important to invest in women during this challenging time?

PC: Especially during this challenging time, we should not overlook this important issue. Women are facing tremendous pressure at every level; kids stay at home more often, we’re isolated without a healthy social life, and many folks have financial problems due to the increase in unemployment and businesses shutting down all over the world. And yet so many of us feel that we still need to put up a strong front to be there for our partners and families. I think it’s a critical time to help and support each other. 

CB: Are there positive changes or challenges you have overcome during the pandemic that you hope to learn from and integrate into your work or personal life post-COVID-19?

PC: I started Po House in the very beginning of this pandemic. For me, I had no reason to stop doing what I believed in and what I am passionate about. During this difficult time, I have practised staying focused and moving forward.

CB: What women’s health statistic shocks you? How did that change how you perceive women’s health?

PC: I am very shocked that 73% of women in BC report negative health outcomes from increased caring for, or concern about, elderly or disabled family members during the pandemic, with anxiety being the main impact. Most of us are aware of the harm that anxiety can cause to someone’s health and wellbeing, and too often we brush it aside and leave it untreated. It’s so important to talk about mental illnesses and to treat them as we would any type of physical illness. There are also so many natural remedies for anxiety such as meditation, exercise, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet; these are elements of self-care that we need to prioritize. In today’s fast-paced world, it is so easy to neglect our mental health, especially when spending so much time and energy caring for others!

Nourish Clean Beauty would like to help you care for yourself and others; receive 20% off your purchase with the code: BCWHF20.

Stay tuned to learn more about all the ways you can invest in women while caring for those that care for you this Mother’s Day!